CISSP security professional

Security professional

I have began the process of gaining CISSP security professional certification.  The CISSP certification holds a lot of value in todays job market. As security threats, attacks escalate, being able to mitigate these risks is very valuable.

The black market or hacking community is consistently developing tools to penetrate vulnerable networks. Many of these tools are designed to install back door access to corporate networks. Once these back door tools are installed, the hackers has gained access to valuable data. An example of valuable data is credit card numbers, social security numbers, and corporate intellectual property.

Much of the illegal hacking goes undetected or cyber criminals go unpunished. The hackers use many zombie systems to carry out various attacks on institutions. Since a zombie system was used, it is very difficult to track down the hackers. This has become a huge problems for corporations and subsequently law enforcement. Improve security is one mechanism to migrate the risk associated with hacking. I will be reviewing tools available to help protect yourself and your company. Subscribe to stay up to date!