110 Grill review

We went out on the town and had dinner at the 110 Grill in Braintree Ma. There was a Good size crowd, and nice atmosphere. The Bruins are on TV, game 2 of the NHL playoffs. For Bruins fans, it was kind of a must win.  I ordered an Arnold Palmer, in honor of the masters golf tournament and the king of golf Anrnold Parmer. Pretty tasty!

We were feeling good and the service was excellent, and the waitress is cute! Not a bad start to the evening.

We got a table pretty quick and we had a nice view of the Bruins game.

We order an appetizer Chorizo Totchos, the food came out pretty fast and it looked pretty good!

We received our appetizer which looks good.  The only down side was,  no silverware to eat it.  We got some from a passing waiter and off we went.  The Appetizer “Chorizo Totchos” is very good. The main ingredient,  (potatoes) was cooked to perfection. The taste was delicious with chives and sour cream. There was a hint of chili sauce and salsa. I would say a great appetizer, definitely very pleased! The portion of the appetizer was great, plenty of meat and potato’s to get you started! So far I am impressed!

For my entrĂ©e, I got Shrimp & Clam linguini. The sauce (butter & Lemmon) was hot and tasty, The Shrimp and clams where cooked well and the meal felt healthy and some what light. The toasted bread was a nice touch and I enjoyed my meal while watching the Bruins. An added bonus was the Bruins were leading the game 2 (2 – 0).

The burger and onion ring got a 10 out of 10 stars. (**********). The Claim & Shrimp linguini got an 8.5 out of 10 start. (*********). The meal did not blow me away, but it was really good. I would recommend 110 grill as a place to put into your dinning rotation! We had a good time and really liked the 110 grill!

Review by Jonathan and Theresa.

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