Starting a home busness

How to begin a home a business. Steps to take to make money from home.


Starting a home business can be a fun and exciting project. The question becomes, where should I began?  The first step is to list possible work you can do from home and get paid:

Note: This list was originally compiled in Article ” 20 Home Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

  1. Graphic designer – develop artistic skills to manage and create images, logos, Ad banners, posters, brochures, photos for various media types.
  2. Social Media Community Manager – managing social media community.
  3.  Copywriter Services – Help companies and agencies launch new products. Produce concepts to introduce marketing campaigns.
  4. Website Designer – design and develop websites for customers.
  5. Call Center Agent – provide phone support remotely for companies.
  6. Blogger – write blog content for companies.
  7. IT Security Consultant – technology expert specializing in computer security.
  8. English teacher / professor – teach students English via Google hangout or skype.
  9. Online Store –  Sell products through internet web services.
  10. Video Production – edit videos and get visibility on YouTube.
  11. Recruiter – help companies recruit and hire  the best talent.

Starting and making a successful home business takes skill, passion, know how, and dedication. Ranking potential business opportunities based on my skill and passion can help promote success.

1. IT security consultant- technology expert specializing in infrastructure, network, and computer security. To further demonstrate security expertise, working to obtain certified Information security manager certificate.

2. Blogger – how to create a successful blog, content, and gain writing opportunities.

3. Web designer – learning and mastering  web design can be a good skill to master.

4. Blogger – see

5.  Online store – We will be selling products to help companies succeed and meet corporate mission.

6. Video Production – improve visibility on YouTube creating content.

7. Recruiter – helping companies find the best talent.

8. Social Media Community Manager –  Manage and get involved in Social Media Communities.

We will be documenting our progress starting a new home business.  We hope you enjoy the journey and become more successful along the way.


Investing for Financial Freedom

We are going to review steps to take to become Financially free.

Investing for Financial Freedom

We are going to review steps to take to become Financially free. The acronym for financial freedom is (F.I.R.E)  Financial Independent  and Retire early.  The goal is to save 25% of your pay. This is achievable if you are debt free.

For many people, becoming debt free is a life long pursuit.   The key is to pay down major debt: (Mortgage, car payment, credit cards), save as much as possible, and spend money on things you truly enjoy.