Training and continuing education with Coursera

Training and career development are a crucial component to improving yourself and becoming more successful. During my studies, I have completed and extensive review of available training platforms. I have some very useful and valuable information.

I started reviewing some additional training sponsored by Google through Coursera. The first program was Google IT support professional certificate. Coursera gives users a 7 day free trail with full access to every course in your specialization. I enrolled in the IT support professional certificate specialization and I liked the class very much.

The IT support class was a combination of video lectures, exercises, and module quizzes. I found the material was interesting and informative. The program covered some very interesting material: digital logic, computer architecture, operating systems, networking, software, troubleshooting, and customer care. For some of the hands on exercises, we used Google cloud services to spin using up servers and associated services. I really liked using Google cloud services. The monthly cost for the program was $49 per month. I completed the course and received the following course certificate.

IT Support
IT Support

The next program I worked on was System Administration and Information Technology Infrastructure Services. Since this was they type of work I have done for most of my career, I was very interested in this topic. The work I do as a system administration, and the topics covered were: cloud services, server maintenance, infrastructure services, hardware provisioning, system maintenance, virtualization, remote access, SSH, Network services, Software services, File and Print services, Platform services, Directory Services, and Data recovery & Back Ups. The monthly cost for this program was $49 per month. The course material keep me engaged and working hard to complete each module. I felt the cost was well worth the price. I completed the course and received the following course certificate.

System Administrator IT infrastructure

I really enjoyed the first two class, so I continue on my Information Technology specialist track. The next class in the program was computer networking. Designing and building networks is a passion on mine, so learning more about networks was exciting. The class covered the following topics: TCP/IP 5 layer network model, OSI network model, Networking devices, Network Setup, physical layer, Data link layer, Network layer, Sub-netting, Routing, Transport layer, Firewalls, Application layer, Network services, Virtual Private Networks, Wide area network, wireless, Dynamic Name service, Cloud networks, and troubleshooting. The class was great and well worth the price of admission! I completed the course and received the following course certificate.

Conclusion: If you are looking to continue your education and improve your skill set, I recommend Coursera programs. The classes are designed help you stay motivated and on track. For each module there is a dead line, but this can be extended if you need additional time. Feel free to leave any comments on your experience with Coursera. If you need any assistance please contact me. Thanks

Note: I will be covering some these topics in more detail in some future posts.