Starting a home busness

How to begin a home a business. Steps to take to make money from home.


Starting a home business can be a fun and exciting project. The question becomes, where should I began?  The first step is to list possible work you can do from home and get paid:

Note: This list was originally compiled in Article ” 20 Home Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

  1. Graphic designer – develop artistic skills to manage and create images, logos, Ad banners, posters, brochures, photos for various media types.
  2. Social Media Community Manager – managing social media community.
  3.  Copywriter Services – Help companies and agencies launch new products. Produce concepts to introduce marketing campaigns.
  4. Website Designer – design and develop websites for customers.
  5. Call Center Agent – provide phone support remotely for companies.
  6. Blogger – write blog content for companies.
  7. IT Security Consultant – technology expert specializing in computer security.
  8. English teacher / professor – teach students English via Google hangout or skype.
  9. Online Store –  Sell products through internet web services.
  10. Video Production – edit videos and get visibility on YouTube.
  11. Recruiter – help companies recruit and hire  the best talent.

Starting and making a successful home business takes skill, passion, know how, and dedication. Ranking potential business opportunities based on my skill and passion can help promote success.

1. IT security consultant- technology expert specializing in infrastructure, network, and computer security. To further demonstrate security expertise, working to obtain certified Information security manager certificate.

2. Blogger – how to create a successful blog, content, and gain writing opportunities.

3. Web designer – learning and mastering  web design can be a good skill to master.

4. Blogger – see

5.  Online store – We will be selling products to help companies succeed and meet corporate mission.

6. Video Production – improve visibility on YouTube creating content.

7. Recruiter – helping companies find the best talent.

8. Social Media Community Manager –  Manage and get involved in Social Media Communities.

We will be documenting our progress starting a new home business.  We hope you enjoy the journey and become more successful along the way.